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We have also engineered a more cost effective solution to Audi's fix of replacing the chain driven unit for the more modern gear driven system. We can remanufacture your existing chain driven unit to utilise the new gear system. This upgrade can be completed by us for £345 inc VAT. You can also purchase the gear conversion and shaft repair for a combined price of £675 inc VAT. The price also includes Crankshaft gear, Idler gear and Oil pump gear needed to modify the existing system. You ship us your balance unit, we carry out the conversion and ship it back to you. Contact us for any further information.
A common fault with both chain driven and gear driven oil pump drives in the 2.0TDi engines from 2005 on, is for the oil pump key drive to wear in the balance shaft causing slippage. We have developed a process to re-manufacture the existing balance shaft, with a new hardened keyway pressed into place. This allows use of an OE key to drive the oil pump, which we supply as part of the package. The cost of the service is £354 inc VAT. You ship us your balance shaft, we carry out the conversion and ship it back to you. Click here for more information on our repair.
We can also supply all the parts to repair the chain driven system, as some of these are no longer available from the main dealers. The repair kit is available in our store now for £149 inc VAT.
Click HERE to read our feature in Volkswagen Driver magazine.
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We have also developed a new sprocket for the turbocharged petrol Audi / Volkswagen 2.0 TFSi engines. The original sprung sprocket on the balance shaft unit is prone to collapsing and we have designed a solid sprocket as a replacement. This sprocket is unavailable from the dealers, resulting in the need to purchase a complete balance shaft unit. Available now in the shop for £149 inc VAT. We also now sell the solid sprocket with a setting tool that allows the balance shafts to be locked in position while tightening the bolt. Available now in the shop for £185 inc VAT.
We have recently launched a new oil pump system  for the Audi / VW 2.0 TFSi.  This pump has been designed by us and developed and manufactured by AT Power exclusively for us to offer to customers wanting an upgrade solution for the troublesome original equipment balance shaft unit.  Our new pump is designed to run at approximately  half engine speed and gives higher pressure across the rev range. Our new oil pump comes supplied with everything  needed to fit it onto the vehicle.  Available now in the shop for 1236 inc VAT. Oil pump problems